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“You’re about to rebuild your business from the ground up. Give us 100 days and we’ll coach you straight into a new season of sustainable, laser-focused success.”
Profit First Certified Master

Dan Daugs

MBA and Certified Profit First Professional
Founder, Every Single Bean


Dafne Tsakiris

Founder & Chief Process Strategist,
Launch Point


Target and eliminate breakdowns to operate at the greatest possible level of efficiency, speed, and productivity.


Enjoy healthy profits from your business every month.

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Clarity and Success

Achieve the accountability, financial freedom, and profits you deserve.

It's Not Too Late to Course-Correct

You started your business with passion, expertise, and the best of intentions. But over time cracks began to show. Perhaps papers and receipts are piling up because you don’t have the time or resources to manage your back office, or maybe your employees are stressed without processes in place to help them succeed. A lack of strategic direction can feel overwhelming, but it’s not too late to course-correct. You just need guidance as nuanced as your business.

Our 100-Day Business Reboot is designed to help you identify problems, implement solutions, and finally enjoy the profits you desire. This power-packed intensive will streamline every aspect of your business, positioning you to thrive each day, effectively scale, and deliver the ultimate experience every time.

Frustrated Doctor

Dafne and Dan build programs that work. They’ve helped thousands of business owners discover financial clarity, simplify and automate processes, and increase revenue. Now they’re combining forces to help you.

Our workshops are heavy with value. Together we’ll get granular – dissecting your challenges, identifying solutions, and providing a nuanced strategy for implementation. 

At the end of our 100 days together, you’ll barely recognize your business, in a great way. You’ll breathe easier, walk taller, and have a secure profit plan in place. 

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MARCH 19, 2021

Join us for 100 days.

Take control of your business with solutions for streamlining your processes and creating an effective plan to achieve the profitability you deserve. Plus, receive private, one-on-one coaching from Dan to implement Profit First in your business.

Grow your business.

Begin the next chapter of your business with every tool you need to succeed.

Is it Time for a Reboot?

No business is perfect. Systems get broken, expertise runs out – from accounting to hiring to operations. It can overwhelm even the most veteran business owner. Don’t wait until the dam breaks to fix things.

We understand the unique challenges you face as a business owner, how quickly issues can escalate, and how difficult it can be to achieve the profitability you deserve. That’s why we created the 100-Day Business Reboot.

confident businessman
Invest 100 days and revolutionize your business from the ground up.

Daniel Daugs and Dafne Tsakiris have helped thousands of business owners redesign systems and boost profitability. Now they’re combining their experience to help you.

In order to provide highly personalized coaching, space for this masterclass is extremely limited. Claim your exclusive spot today.

Register now, just $5,000.

Don’t risk your financial future on business problems that could be fixed with wise counsel and a strategic plan. Register for our 100-Day Business Reboot to finally streamline your processes and unlock bigger profits.

Gain Clarity, Results, and True Business Transformation

Registration Deadline: March 19, 2021

We’re combining our expertise to provide you a masterclass in business success. Together we’ll reboot your business, streamline processes, and unlock a more profitable future.

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