We’ll Take Care of the Books
So You Can Focus On Your Patients

Fractional CFO and Bookkeeping
for Physical and Occupational Therapists

Your Books

Your Practice

Every Month

Bookkeeping Shouldn’t Get in the Way of What You Do Best

No PT or OT should have to spend all their time with spreadsheets when they could be caring for more people.

Get the Freedom and Financial Reward that Come with a Well-Managed Practice

Optimize Your Books

We’ll organize and interpret the numbers so you know when your practice is healthy.

Revolutionize Your Cashflow

Using the Profit First system™, we’ll help you reduce expenses and pay yourself more.

Make Smart Business Decisions

We’ll be the expert in your corner, advising you when to hire employees, how to set up your pricing structure, and, eventually, even when to sell your practice.

There’s a Reason We Specialize in Bookkeeping for Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists

As a PT or OT, you’re an expert at getting people back to their full selves. You work hard to eliminate any obstacles in their way.

That’s why it’s so frustrating when bookkeeping gets in your way.

You need to focus on your patients. But that feels impossible when you have to track expenses, forecast cashflow, and plan for taxes.

So why don’t you let Every Single Bean do it for you?

We’ll help you structure and improve your cashflow. We don’t just organize the numbers, we help you understand them and make informed recommendations you can use to grow your business. With a Profit First Certified Master taking care of your finances, you’ll be free to focus on your patients.

Trusted by Physical and Occupational Therapists Across the Country

I now have the confidence that I am running my business the ‘right way.’
Dan’s commitment to helping naturopathic doctors achieve the financial rewards and freedom we deserve in our practices is something our community needs… Not only for us as individuals, but for the continued success of Naturopathic medicine.
Leslie Cisar
Dr. Leslie Cisar
Leslie Cisar ND LLC
Despite the amount of education I had, I felt lost and helpless trying to interpret my financial reports.
I had no game plan for how to grow my revenue or how to even start. Dan explained cash flow within a business without confusing financial terminology. I feel more confident in my skillset as a business owner. I’m much happier too because I’m paying myself significantly more.
Dr. Matt Hernandez
Ethos Integrative Medicine
I knew I needed to understand my numbers, but it all just felt so overwhelming and out of control.
Dan’s approach offered me the guidance I needed without making me feel bad or ashamed. He helped me setup a Profit First System for my practice that’s relieved an enormous amount of stress and anxiety while giving me more control of my business.
Dr. Kelly Han
Kelly Han Naturopathic Doctor PC
I love working with Every Single Bean!
When we started, I knew I needed help managing my books. What I didn’t expect was the business coaching and perspective that has been so beneficial! Dan brings a personal touch, and is invested in my success.
dr leila turner
Dr. Leila Turner
Living Wellness Medical Center

Here’s How to Get Started

Schedule a Call

We’ll identify key issues with your current system and answer any questions you have. You’ll also learn about our unique approach to managing your finances.

Customize a Profit Plan

We’ll work with you, hand-in-hand, to clarify your financial picture. Then we’ll develop a custom strategy that helps you live your ideal future, both at work and at home. You’ll get the guidance you need, when you need it.

Enjoy Healthy Returns

Finally, feel confident making key decisions, managing cash flow and receiving healthy returns.

Free Resources On Profit First, Cashflow, and Bookkeeping for Physical and Occupational Therapists

Profit First Certified Master
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Master Certified Profit First Professional

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