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Fractional CFO and Bookkeeping for Doctors

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Medical school taught you how to treat your patients, but it didn’t teach you how to manage the book-end of your practice.

At Every Single Bean, we help you set up a system that simplifies bookkeeping for doctors and brings clarity to every financial choice.  
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Get the Freedom and Financial Reward that Come with a Well-Managed Practice

Optimize Your Books

We’ll organize and interpret the numbers so you know when your practice is healthy.

Revolutionize Your Cashflow

Using the Profit First system™, we’ll help you reduce expenses and pay yourself more.

Make Smart Business Decisions

We’ll be the expert in your corner, advising you when to hire employees, how to set up your pricing structure, and, eventually, even when to sell your practice.

We Specialize in Bookkeeping for Doctors

As a doctor, you’re an expert in your field. Patients look to you to keep them healthy.

But when it comes to keeping your practice’s finances healthy, you might not feel like such an expert. After all, medical school taught you a lot, but it didn’t teach you how to run a business.

That’s where doctors like you turn to Every Single Bean. We provide expert bookkeeping and CFO services so that the business end of your practice never gets in the way of what you do best. We organize your books so you can reduce expenses and prepare for taxes. We structure and improve your cash flow so you can pay yourself more. And we help you understand the numbers with informed recommendations you can use to grow your practice.

You’re great at what you do. We’re great at helping you make a profit from it.

Trusted by Doctors and Medical Practices Across the Country

Here’s How to Get Started

Schedule a Call

We’ll identify key issues with your current system and answer any questions you have. You’ll also learn about our unique approach to managing your finances.

Customize a Profit Plan

We’ll work with you, hand-in-hand, to clarify your financial picture. Then we’ll develop a custom strategy that helps you live your ideal future, both at work and at home. You’ll get the guidance you need, when you need it.

Enjoy Healthy Profits

Finally, feel confident making key decisions, managing cash flow and receiving healthy returns.
Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Profit First: A Proven System for Transforming Your Cash Flow

Profit First is a revolutionary approach to accounting. It flips the age-old formula of Sales – Expenses = Profit, and turns it into: Sales – Profit = Expenses.

It might sound simple,  but this correction has the power to change how you do business. It has helped tens of thousands of businesses achieve instant profitability.

At Every Single Bean, we use the Profit First system to go beyond conventional bookkeeping for doctors and make your finances healthier than ever before.
Profit First Certified Master
Daniel Daugs, MBA
Master Certified Profit First Professional

The partner you’ve been looking for!
Meet the Master Certified Profit First
Professional behind Every Single Bean.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fractional CFO?

A fractional CFO is an outsourced financial expert. It’s someone you hire to help you scale your business and remain profitable. Fractional CFOs can help with many tasks. They’ll be able to organize and optimize your books, decide when it’s time to hire an employee, or coach you on your pricing structure. To learn more, read our article about fractional CFOs.

Who do you work with?

We work with cash-based medical practices. This can include naturopathic doctors, PTs, OTs, chiropractors, veterinarians, and more. Our experience and skills make our team an ideal fit for these businesses and we work only with them instead of taking on more generalized bookkeeping.

What is Profit First?

Profit First is a strategy from author and business guru Mike Michalowicz that flips the traditional accounting formula. Using behavioral psychology, Profit First helps you make profit a priority, shifting your cashflow to limit expenses and maximize your take-home pay. At Every Single Bean, the Profit First system informs much of our work.

What do your engagements with clients look like?

We don’t offer a la carte services. Instead, we offer our clients a full suite of bookkeeping services including bookkeeping, CFO services, Profit First cashflow management, and business and financial advising. These services are combined into a customized package so that our partnership with you can have maximum impact. Learn more about our services.

Is Every Single Bean a person or a team?

Every Single Bean is a team of financial professionals led by Dan Daugs. Each team member has special skills and experience that we bring together to serve you well.

What’s behind the name “Every Single Bean?”

“Bean counter” has typically been a funny name for an accountant or someone who works with numbers and budgets. At Every Single Bean, we embrace that moniker because we want every part of your financial picture to work for your business.