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The Profit First Quick Start Guide is your playbook to instant profitability.

Profit First Training

Who is the Profit First Guide for?

This Profit First Quick Start Guide is for every doctor who works hard but struggles to pay themselves what they deserve.


Because doctors like you have to work twice as hard to build a successful business.

You devote years to becoming an expert in your field before you can put all that practice into action. And then before you can even celebrate your accomplishments, you have to learn how to manage a business. That’s a huge challenge, especially without the proper training.

So it’s no surprise most doctors end up treating profit like an afterthought.

They’re so focused on helping their patients, and so busy managing their business, that there simply isn’t enough time to care for their finances.

Even if they do get a few extra hours, no one has taught them to manage cash flow the right way.

This free Profit First training guide teaches you how to manage cash flow and finally pay yourself what you deserve.

Even if you feel like you’re swimming in debt!

The best part? Anyone can do it. It’s that easy.

profit first

The Profit First Formula

The Profit First formula transforms the way you think about business finances.

Instead of treating profit like an afterthought, Profit First teaches you to finally make it a priority.


By taking a behavioral approach to managing your finances.

The Profit First Formula flips the GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) formula on its head.

Sales – Expenses = Profit
Sales – Profit = Expenses

This subtle change simplifies the entire process so you keep more of your hard-earned cash.

Download the free training guide to learn how to implement the Profit First formula into your practice, so you can finally pay yourself what you truly deserve.

What You’ll Get with Profit First Training

This Profit First training guide gives doctors the framework they need to become instantly profitable by doing four things:

  1. Simplify your books
  2. Streamline your business finances
  3. Eliminate expensive or unnecessary expenses
  4. Establish a proven cash flow method so you profit every single month

Download this free Profit First guide to fast-track your success. It has everything you need to start keeping healthy profits from your practice, even if you already have a lot of debt.